About Reactions and Comments

Reactions and comments on blogs are appreciated!

A reaction to a blog contributing in my opinion to good, considered debate, may be posted on this website. Before posting the reaction, permission will be sought of the author of the reaction. The author of a reaction is solely responsible for the content of his/her reaction. Posting of a reaction does not imply agreement of the blog, webmaster or the main author with the content of the reaction.

I reserve the right not to place a reaction on this website and / or to delete it. Furthermore, I reserve the right to cancel or modify the website, even if it may lead to the loss of a reaction.

If the reaction is a reaction to a blog written by a guest writer the permission of this guest-writer will be obtained before posting a reaction.

It goes without saying that reactions that are discriminatory, threatening and / or insulting will not be posted. Please also consult “copyrights”.

Laurent Stokvis